Golden Willow Farm

           Heritage Turkeys 

    Available in April - August

 Bourbon Red


J.F. Barbee is credited with developing the Bourbon Red turkey from a series of crosses of Bronze, White Holland and Tuscarora (dark Buff) turkeys in the late 1800's. Orignally called the Bourbon Butternut, Barbee renamed the breed Bourbon Red as a marketing tactic. Recognized by the APA in 1909, Bourbon Reds were promoted for their heavy breast and rich flavored meat. Like many other popular breeds of the early 1900's, Red Bourbons were replaced by the commercial broad breasted varieties. It has experienced growing interest over the past decade and is now one of the more popular heritage breeds. Bourbon Red turkeys are chestnut brown to dark red with white tail & flight feathers. The tails have soft red stripes towards the tips. They have black beard, red wattle (sometimes bluish white), and a multi-colored light horn to dark beak. Toms can weigh in at 33 lbs and hens at 18 lbs at maturity. Active foragers, Red Bourbons can do well in a pasture setup. They are a great breed for both exhibition and backyard production.


Old Tom------33 lbs
Old Hen-------20 lbs
Young Tom------23 lbs
Young Hen-------14 lbs
$4.00 per hatching eggs, plus shipping.

$8.00 Per poult- Pickup only

All photos were taken on site, and the all of the birds in the photos are farm breeding stock.