Golden Willow Farm

   Goat & Sheep picture gallery

Ethel and Tippy



Ethel relaxing 


 Got something yummy for me?

 Sadly I no longer have Ethel as she got tested positive for CAE and CL when I had all the goats tested in February 2014(everyone else tested clean, thank God). But she was pregnant at the time, so I waited until she gave birth before culling her. It was well worth the wait as she gave birth to triplets!!! On April 17 she gave birth to 2 doelings and 1 buckling! My sisters named them Vanilla, Ginger, and Salt.



 Also I had brought another goat already bred in January 2014. Myrtle. She is half Alpine, 25% Boer, 25% Nubain. Very sweet goat. She gave birth to her first kid on March 6 2014. My siblings named him Oliver.



Oliver- Only a few minutes old at this picture.

 Here he is at 2 months old. He is almost big as his mother! His father was 100% Nubain, so Oliver is 75% Nubian. 



 I will use Oliver to breed Tippy, Vanilla, Ginger, and Daisy this fall. Will use Salt to breed Myrtle this fall too before selling him. I want to keep Oliver as my main breeding buck for a long term.


When I found out that Ethel was positive for CAE and CL, I did some asking around and found a Saanen breeder close by. Her herd is clean of all of goat diseases, so I brought a young doe that had just given birth. She was already named, and I liked the name. Daisy. She is also very sweet doe.



 Icelandic Sheep


 I got a small flock of Icelandic sheep! Had a first ram lamb born in 2015!!!

Wanda had her lamb on a nice May day! Crackers is his name! 

All three of my sheep. The ram is in the feeder, Aly the ewe have her head in the feeder. Wanda is looking at the camera. Had Crackers butchered before this picture was taken.