Golden Willow Farm

Cow and goat milk share page 

I am offering cow and goat shares, so you can enjoy fresh unprocessed whole milk from your "cow and or goat". 


Bella, my first milk cow. She is the one that started it all.

She is half Guernsey, half Standard Angus. She produce fabulous milk! So creamy and good! Bella is A2A2 tested! If you do not know what A2A2 is, google "Devil in the milk".

 Willow. My first pure Guernsey cow! She is a lovely gal! She is also A2A2! 

 Jubilee, Pure and registered cow, she produce the most milk! 

 Hazel, pure and registered cow, her milk is the creamiest! 


Diamond, the new and unexpected gal on the farm! She is also a pure Guernsey! Got her on 12-6-17!


The goat-


 Vanilla- Half Saanen, half Boer, Very sweet goat.




All of my cows and goats eat just grass during the growing season, and high quality hay during the non-growing season. They are NEVER fed with anything that have hormones, chemicals, antibiotics and GMOs feed. I give them seasonal treats like apples, produce from the garden, and pumpkins.

 In Michigan, the only legal way to obtain Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk (raw milk) for your family is to own the cow or goat!  Cow/goat share owners pay a monthly boarding fee for the milking and other care of their cows/goats, and receive their cow/goat milk conveniently cooled and bottled. Some families come to the farm in Sparta for their milk each week. While most share owners receive milk every week, some prefer once a month, and others like to receive milk every other week.

How to join…

You can become an owner of the Golden Willow Dairy herd by purchasing one or more shares and signing our cow/goat Boarding Agreement.  Each cow/goat share can usually be expected to yield a gallon per week of milk (but occasionally more or less!).  So if you want more than one gallon per week, buy two shares- two gallons, four gallons- four shares, and so forth.  The purchase price of each herd share is $25 for a cow, and a goat, a one-time cost, and that is refundable if you decide to quit the herdshare.  Every month, including the first, shareholders pay a cow/goat boarding fee, due the 1st of the month. This pays for feeding, milking, and other care of your cow/goat. $20/share/month for pick-up, $30/share/month for delivery, and a $5/share discount for families with 2 shares or more.  Our Cow/goat Boarding Agreement is a two-page contract that lists the rights and responsibilities of share owners and our boarding service.  The Agreement mostly serves as proof (in case of government concerns/harassment) that shareholders are legitimate owners of the herd and that we are not selling milk.  Feel free to request a copy of the Agreement by email.  Prospective cow/goat share buyers are encouraged to visit the farm and meet the cows and goats, tour the milking barn and taste some milk before joining.


Why Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk?

What's so special about Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk? You may have noticed that there are conflicting opinions on milk, that some say it is good for you and others say it is bad. The truth is that good milk contains almost everything we need to be healthy, and that different people have different molecular reasons for doing badly with milk. Many of these problems disappear when they try unprocessed whole milk, which naturally contains active enzymes and other co-factors that make the nutrients in milk more available.  Even more people can do well with milk that has been cultured into yogurt or kefir.

Does that mean that pasteurizing milk makes nutrients less available? Yes. There are many significant differences between Golden Willow Dairy Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk and the pasteurized milk from the store shelf, and most of them involve damage done by pasteurization to the molecules that make up the nutrients in milk. Enzymes like lactase, phosphatase, lipase, and so forth are mostly destroyed, leaving your body to manufacture them if it can, and this gets more difficult as we age. The amino acids lysine and tyrosine are damaged in pasteurization, making the whole protein complex less available. And most unfortunately, milk's beautiful assembly of vitamins and minerals (God's gift to mammals!) is rendered ineffective by pasteurization, destroying much of the original Vitamins A, C, D and E and leaving almost no Vitamins B6 or B12. Taking out vitamins, enzymes and other co-factors is like taking out some parts of a car and hoping it will drive properly. The minerals, calcium in particular, need those vitamins, D in particular, to enter your body in a useful way. This is especially important for children and teens, who are building their skeletons and teeth, and cannot build them correctly if the proper building materials are not provided. (That goes for brains too, which require some very special fatty acids to function optimally.) Our ancestors all over the planet once knew what foods were good for raising healthy children and living well in old age. I urge you to take a good long look at for a very different take on what constitutes healthy eating.

But back to milk.  If you're buying pasteurized organic milk, you're paying more money than it costs to board a cow at Golden Willow Dairy, but you're not getting the full benefit of the milk that came from those organic cows.  Even organic cows may be eating inappropriate (but organic!) feeds like lots of corn silage and soybean meal.  Our cows graze on green pasture April through October, eat hay and fodder in the winter, and are grain-free.  They are Guernsey, all known for their rich, high protein milk.  This is the real thing!  High-quality Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk can be helpful for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, people with arthritis, people with digestive challenges, for autistic kids, the overweight, the underweight/eating disorder sufferers, infertile couples, those with eczema and psoriasis, and that is just what comes immediately to mind.  And don't forget your perfect toddler who just can't breastfeed forever! Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk is not a magical cure-all, but it is a complex, well-constructed food that works well for many people instead of the junk that is making you sick.  Please don't be afraid of the fat: excess carbs, polyunsaturated fats (think doughnuts, margarine and french fries) and addictive additives like aspartame and MSG are what make us fat.  By contrast, the healthy fats in grassfed raw milk are loaded with beneficial vitamins and the Omega-3 and CLA fatty acids that fight cancer and heart disease!  I do hope you will consider cow sharing as a way to improve your family's diet.  Your calls and emails are welcome!

You will have to read and sign the contract before buying the share after we give you a tour of the farm.

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