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 These chickens were brought to Iceland by the Vikings in the 9th century AD and were found on most farms for centuries. Indeed, one of their Icelandic names -- Íslenka landnámshænan -- means "Icelandic hen of the settlers." With the advent of the commercial type chickens, by the 1950s the Icelandic breed was nearly extinct. All the birds now existing (less than 3,000) are descended from a very small group of fowl saved in the 1970s.

Icelandics are quite winter-hardy and lay white eggs. This is a long-lived breed and the hens make good broodies. They are also reputed to be quite docile. They are excellent on range, and another of their Icelandic names -- Haughænsni -- means "pile chickens," due to their habit of foraging on manure piles and other places rich with insects and seeds.

There is a great variety in plumage and leg coloration, many comb types exist in the population, and some birds have feathered legs. Crests also occur frequently. The facial skin is red and ear lobes are white.


$3.00 per egg, plus shipping.
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Tomaru Longcrowers


 The baritone voice of the avian choir…

    The Tomaru is very likely the ancestral parent or a part of the ancestry of the Kurogashiwa and the similarities are evident. Where the line of demarcation begins in the voice and then in the form. The Tomaru may have a few long main sickles, but is not a pronounced long-tailed breed. The real appeal of the breed comes from it’s extraordinary crowing prowess. On the average a cock can crow from 10-15 seconds, but there are many individuals that can crow for 20 seconds. The longest crow on record for the breed is 25 seconds. It’s voice, however, is one the most beautiful among the Long Crowers. This particular rooster has both the 2-tone call of the “Schnork” at the end of his song – two factors of high value in the Tomaru’s song.

    The Tomaru is an interesting breed. It is the tallest and the heaviest of the long-tail and long crower breeds. The weight of the cock averages 3.75 kg (8.33 lbs) and that of a hen 2.8 kg (6.22 lbs). a cockerel averages 2.8 kg and a pullet 2.15 kg. the breed comes in black only. The Japanese Standard calls for a green sheen all throughout the body. The Tomar has a single comb, medium black plumage, long neck tightly folded wings, long legs and stands erect.; hence it appears statuesque and regal. The comb of the male is usually red but ti is often stained dark along the base. The comb of the female, on the other hand, is invariably dark purple throughout. Long sickles, long main tail feathers but normal coverts and saddle characterizes the tail of the male Tomaru. The tail of the female is short and normal. Both sexes molt annually and have dark grey legs and equally dark toenails. They lay good size tinted eggs.
$3.00 per egg, plus shipping.
$6.00 per chick- Pickup only

all photos were taken on site, and the all of the birds in the photos are my breeding stock.