Golden Willow Farm

Cattle pictures

 Bella in the woods by the creek 

This picture was taken before she gave birth to her first calf, shortly after I brought her. 

 Maybelle being born 

Maybelle was born the last day of May. She is Bella's first calf, and she is 1/2 Lowline Angus, 1/4 Standard Angus, 1/4 Guernsey. She was less than a hour old in this picture.


 Maybelle at 2 days old 


 Bella was a great mother and milker! 

 Bella relaxing in the shade

She is almost 7 months along for her 2nd calf in this picture. This time I got her bred to a Guernsey, and hopefully she will have a heifer again. This calf will be 1/4 standard Angus, 3/4 Guernsey! Hopefully it will have Guernsey coloration.


 12 months old Maybelle 


Bella gave birth on August 17th. A beautiful heifer!

Belinda a few days old

 Belinda at 4 weeks old

 Everyone in the woods



 Gazing on a nice Indian summer day.