Golden Willow Farm

Hi! Welcome to Golden Willow Farm website.

My name is Daron Anderson, I am the owner, and the 1st generation dairyman(My great great grandpa used to own a registered jersey farm in Milan, and that might be where I got my farming genes from.) and I raise all the poultry, cows, goats, and hogs on the Farm with some family help, and raise everything chemical-free, hormone free and without antibiotics!

I strive to breed all the poultry according to the American Standard of Perfection. Also good show quality, and good egg production. All of my livestock are from good lines, and are never from a hatchery or a large commercial farm. My farm is a small operation, not like a large farm. I raise all the poultry and other livestock on farm. In mid- June all of my breeder birds are let out of the coop to free range. Just my layer hens free range year round


Thank you for visiting!

Daron Anderson